Custom Putter Options

Each putter that comes out of my shop in Waterloo,Illinois is given complete attention from start to finish. Each putter is crafted from 12L14 Carbon Steel which  produces a feel that is unlike any other type. My milling machine is very small and cannot cut hard metals such as 1018 which is why I have chosen this super soft metal. If you have an idea be sure to contact us as the possibilities are endless for your Clayton Stoker Handmade Putter. Here are some of the options that we allow the customer to choose. This ensures the putter is truely one of a kind and appealing to the customers eye.


Head shape: The possibilites here are endless but unfortunately some headshapes cannot be milled due to machinery limitations at this time. Contact us to see if we can turn your idea into a putter


Putter Width


Pocket Size


Bumber Style


Toe Angle


Heel type




Neck Style


Sole Draft Angle







Allignment aid






Face Milling


Sound Slots


Custom Inserts



Contact us to get a more detailed overview on each option.